The Music Of Mark Zuckerberg Essay

1364 Words Oct 5th, 2016 6 Pages
Mark Zuckerberg proved his talent in innovation even when he was before college. He started “using computers and writing software in middle school”, and his father also “hired software developer David Newman to tutor him privately, but the tutor admitted that it quickly became difficult to stay ahead of his pupil, referring to him as a ‘prodigy’” (“Mark Elliot”, 2016). From the movie, “The Social Network”, it shows that Mark created an MP3 program in high school. This program is called Synapse. Synapse works as an attachment to an existing program, and it selected songs from a user’s digital library that were similar to what the user had previously played (“Zuckerberg”, 2008). Additionally, the creation of Synapse not only proved Zuckerberg’s gift on programming but also showed his attitude toward his innovation. According to the article, “Zuckerberg, Mark”, “Zuckerberg was contacted by a number of software companies, including America Online (AOL) and Microsoft,” for his invention of Synapse. Both of the companies want Zuckerberg to work for them and secretly take the program as theirs. By realizing the purpose of those companies, Zuckerberg refused them by uploading the program for free. Rather than making his own invention stolen by others, he even chose to receive no profit from that. From this, it is obvious that how Zuckerberg value his personal property. Therefore, I believe, in contrast, Zuckerberg also values others’ ideas, which is unlikely for him to steal ideas…

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