Essay about The Music Of Jack Johnson Concert

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It was warm, humid and cloudy on the day of our Jack Johnson concert. Despite the warmth, it was a perfect day to be outside and sitting on the lawn at the DTE Music Center to enjoy some relaxing tunes. Jack Johnson is classified as a folk and acoustic rock musician, however I compare him between a calmer version of John Mayer and Jason Mraz combined. He plays an acoustic electric guitar, but his guitar playing skills are nowhere near as good as his writing skills. He plays basic guitar chords, but his lyrics make the music. His style is very mellow and relaxed. It’s the kind of music you listen to while you’re cleaning or sitting around on a rainy day.
After we arrived, we were afraid that our concert was going to be postponed on account of multiple tornado warnings around the area. These warnings did not stop Jack, he decided to go on stage anyway. Granted, it did not rain, not even one drop, it was still awesome that he decided to go on with the show. While we were waiting for Jack to go on stage, you could see huge cumulonimbus clouds passing over in a short distance away. The clouds were lighting up every few seconds with a bright orange color, from the sunset reflecting from the opposite direction.
Finally, after a long wait, it was time for Jack to on stage. This concert was headlining his new album, “From Here to Now to You. “ He opened up with one of his older songs “Home.” Which, in my opinion was an excellent choice. I love all of his music, but this song in…

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