Essay about The Music Of Good Writing

2083 Words Oct 25th, 2016 9 Pages
Imagine walking into a room and someone is playing the piano on a stage. It is a classical piece, and the music just flows through the room like water in a calm stream. Eventually, the beautiful music comes to an end and the pianist walks off the stage. Before you are about to leave, a group of other musicians walk up onto the stage carrying guitars and microphones and a drum set rises up from underneath the stage. They begin with a loud song that has incredible guitar riffs and powerful vocals. The rock band’s music is just as good as the piano piece, but their genres of music are entirely different. They have their different instruments, tempos, rhythms, etc. that all contribute to their unique sound. Both music pieces are good in distinctive ways. Writing is similar to music in this way. Good writing, as with good music, is not consistent throughout all genres. Good writing varies within each genre of fiction and nonfiction because these genres have different purposes and satisfy a particular audiences’ needs. Everyone sees a different picture in their minds when they hear the word “fiction.” For some, an image of Little Red Riding Hood walking through the forest with her basket might spring into their heads. For others, it might be vampires and werewolves, or aliens, or even a scene from a Shakespeare play. Whatever it may be, they all have one thing in common: they are all make believe. Put it down on paper and you have got yourself a piece of fiction. Generally,…

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