Essay about The Music Of Beethoven 's 5th Symphony

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Completed in 1808, the first movement in Beethoven’s 5th Symphony is arguably considered his most popular and well known works of art. The impact of this powerful symphony has left distinct emotional reactions upon the listener for many centuries. Beethoven utilizes rhythmic energy in connection with a passionate contrast of vibrant melodies to produce a phenomenal masterpiece.

After many years of musical instruction, I have heard this piece multiple times and have become very familiar with it, especially the first four opening notes. Because of the simplicity in the music that Beethoven wrote during his time, the common people of that day could easily understand the emotions that the music was trying to convey. Even today, listeners and audience members are able to appreciate and hear the seriousness that Beethoven was trying to express, even though he could not hear the music notes himself.

Building an entire symphony around the first four repetitive notes, Beethoven manipulates them throughout the first movement. The emotions of the listener is like a ride on a roller coaster with high and low points, consequently keeping the listener unaware of what emotion they might experience next. The consistent tempo speeding up, or Accelerando and slowing down, or Retard, in contrast with the dynamics of sound, Forte, Mezzo and Piano, reminds me of a typical busy lifestyle, filled with the ups and downs associated with daily life.

Beethoven’s 5th Symphony comprising of the…

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