The Music Industry 's Influence On Society Essay

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The Music Industry’s Influence on Society
While watching MTV’s Video Music Awards 2016, I was appalled by the patterns that I was noticing among female performers. Ariana Grande has an amazing voice, but her vocal talent was overshadowed by her heavy panting in efforts to appear sexy as she rode the music-video themed elliptical. Britney Spears’ performance consisted of her shamelessly lip-synching off sync in a nude and shimmering gold body suit as she provocatively rolled around on the floor and danced on a completely clothed rapper. In a performance with Halsey and the Chainsmokers, the man performing was fully dressed in everyday attire while Halsey was dolled up, baring her midriff and exposing cleavage. Her eyes looked blank as she walked onto the stage, most likely preoccupied with her clothes staying in the right place and not falling in her high heels. As I was watching, I was overcome with disappointment and anger. This isn’t about the music anymore. It’s not about talent anymore. It’s all about beauty.
As a young black woman, I know how the emphasis of beauty in society has affected my life. I remember ironing my hair to wisps in efforts to get it to be as straight and silky as my white friend’s hair. I remember curling my lips under when I smiled so that they wouldn’t look so round. I remember feeling happy when people would tell me that I was pretty- for a black girl. Deep down I knew that I would never be considered pretty to society but the best that I could…

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