Essay on The Music Industry For 2 Years

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An independant artists with a start up company that has only been in the music industry for 2 years it is clear that there is a lot to learn for this newly born business and its sole employee. A business’s main goal is to generate money and cash flow this money made is then put back into the business to help improve the service it offers to improves its chances in making even more money. As an independent artist when I first started out i thought the only way to make money would be from performing and selling albums or singles however since the start of the poster task until now I have learnt that this is not the case there are many more ways for an artist like myself to make money to make money. It has come apparent that artists are able to make money through PPL, once money has been collected from licensing companies in the UK and around the world such as TV and radio broadcasters, PPL then calculate how much everyone involved in the recording has earned and after tax deductions It is then paid to relative members as Royalties.(PPL 2016).(8 as i am a producer and songwriter with recording material available at home 100% of royalties will payed to me as long as Ido not sample any sounds into the product) A similar way to collect money in this manner would be to sign up with Performing arts media rights association which abide by the equitable remuneration for recorded performances law that came into play on December 1st 1996. “The law works like this: if you are a…

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