Essay on The Music Has Enchanted Me

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I’m listening to my dad’s old CD’s from the 50-70’s. Nobody can hear it but me. The night is silence. The star is shining. The world is listening. I should have gone to sleep hours ago, but the memories go through my head. The music has enchanted me. This music most reminds me of my dad, Oscar. I always listen to this music on June 22 and Nombrever 26. On Nombrever, 26 is his birthday and on June is his anniversary of his last breath. Its has been 10 years that I see him. I was 6 years old, two days after my birthday he went to the shy. He had a broken heart. I remember when I heard he died. I wasn 't sure how to react at first I thought that my cousins were doing a bad joke, However; this wasn 't a joke. My mom told me what happened that day. She told me after 8 years after he went to the blue sky. She was talking to him and then she went out to have some coffee and saw the nurse and the doctor having the defibrillation. She told me that she thought the person that was having a heart attack was the old man next to my father she never thought it was my dad. I remember certain things about him like: he always had a smile in his smile, with his black mustache like Mario bros., with his big brown eyes, and always wearing his watches on his left side. However, there some memories of him that have been faded. I don’t remember his voice and much of his personality. I’m positive it’s all gone. Meanwhile, I remember him having a lot of joy even he was suffering in the inside. One of…

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