The Music : Alive Inside Essay

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Music has the power to transporting us back to a particular experience, memory, or era without that being its intended purpose. The documentary, Alive Inside, provided a look into how the brain’s reaction to music for nursing home residents with dementia provided an alternative therapy by allowing them to temporarily regain the memories and movement of their younger years. At the suggestion of Dan Cohen, social worker, nursing home volunteer and non-profit organizer of Music & Memory, the film’s director followed him for a day and what he discovered that day of the extent of influence that music had on these individuals, he decided to continue to follow Cohen for three years to document the phenomenal effects that this type of therapy. Through the course of the film, the wonderment of how or why music has the ability to extract emotions, movements, and memory receded behind the more impressive reactions that resulted from injecting music into these individuals lives.
Seeing people like Henry, who had sat emotionless, withdrawn, and isolated because of dementia, become awaken with the sound of music he enjoyed in his younger day was a cause to smile. The dramatic difference in his countenance and recall with music in comparison to without became quite the internet sensation and encouraged them to consider using this with their aging family members. The most important aspect of the film examined the quality of life within the modern nursing home and how the extent of…

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