The Museum That I Visited Essay

1377 Words Oct 6th, 2016 6 Pages
The museum that I visited was Art Space on Main. The exhibition that I saw was Entangled, Selected Retrospective by Castillo. Castillo is from Los Angeles and has been doing hair inspired art since the late 90’s (Art Space on Main pamphlet). If I could describe this exhibition in one word it would be bizarre, however at the same time it was fascinating. Most of the art in the exhibition were sculptures. The art piece that I chose to write my paper about is called Strand, which is a sculpture. The reason I chose this piece of art is because it really stood out to me. This piece stood out to me because it wasn 't like the other pieces in the exhibition. You could really see the artist’s message from this piece of art. This sculpture hung from the ceiling and cascaded across the floor. This piece of art is made of rope, and it is attached to a hook that hangs from the ceiling. The huge rope is folded in half and is twisted all the way down to the floor. But as soon as the sculpture hits the floor each strand of the rope begin to fray as they go in all directions. The huge rope becomes tiny little strands of rope that falls across the floor, which gives it the look of hair fanned out on the ground. It’s a simplistic piece of art, that is just simply beautiful. This sculpture that is made of rope, is meant to represent hair, because that is the themes of the artist’s exhibition. The message that the artists is trying to show is the importance of hair. When it is attached to a…

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