The Museum Of The Holocaust Essay

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The story of the Holocaust cannot be told in one simple way, there are many complex individual stories that make up the more complete Holocaust. Museums thus struggle with the issue of trying to decide how to represent the Holocaust and encounter the dilemma of trying to decide what information to include and what to omit. Los Angeles is a prime example of this struggle because they have two Holocaust museums, only a few miles apart, which have completely different backgrounds and motives, therefore leading them to represent the Holocaust in very different ways. The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, founded in 1961 by Holocaust survivors and their families, serves stark contrast to the government-funded Museum of Tolerance due to the different stories they tell and different motives that they possess.
The Museum of Tolerance is a good introduction for the average person who is not a scholar or is not necessarily extremely educated on the Holocaust and wants to begin to learn more about the issue. The exhibition at the Museum of Tolerance appeals to one’s emotions, rather than providing them with an overwhelming amount of information, so it is more likely to get people interested in learning more about the Holocaust. On the other hand, The Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust provides, what can be at times, an overwhelming amount of information, which is extremely useful for people who are educated on the Holocaust and want to learn even more. They also let the visitor…

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