The Museum Of Extraordinary Things By Alice Hoffman Essay

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In the time that Alice Hoffman set the book The Museum of Extraordinary Things, women were struggling with the fact that they had no rights. During the time 1911 to 1920, women were like lambs to the slaughter because they were treated like delicate creatures that needed to be protected by a strong man from other evil men. Women had no goals or ambitions because they were living in patriarchal society. Before women had rights, they lived in a world that was not their own. During 1911, they probably didn 't know what kind of rights women should have. All women were used being obedient slaves and did whatever their husbands said. Women were treated poorly. Women were portrayed as delicate flowers but they were treated like property. In other words, women were considered not to be even human. For instance, to be a women was a great mystery to men, who did not understand them. Women like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton brought back the realism that women are people just like men and men and women should be equal. Susan B. Anthony was a woman who fought for women 's rights in the suffrage movement. She was one of the women who took part of the National America’s Women 's Suffrage Association. Anthony devoted most of her life to aim of limiting or completely stopping the production and sale of alcohol. She was inspired to fight for women 's rights when she was competing against alcohol. Anthony realize in order for her voice to be heard she needed to have the…

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