The Museum Of Coastal Carolina Essay

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The Museum of Coastal Carolina
The Museum of Coastal Carolina is located at Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. A man by the name of Stuart Ingram had a vision of sharing his knowledge of the nature and science of the coast of North Carolina. Mr. Ingram turned that into a reality and in May of 1991, the Museum of Coastal Carolina was opened to the public. The organization added a planetarium, a separate museum from the Coastal Carolina museum, focusing on aspects of the earth and the universe surrounding it, at another location in May of 2002. With many donations and help from his family, friends, and the community, both museums began to flourish. Today the Museum of Coastal Carolina provides the public with exhibits of the natural science, environment, cultural history of the coastal region of the Carolinas along with the earth, solar system, and the universe.1
I was able to visit the Coastal Carolina museum while on a family beach trip to Ocean Isle Beach in June of 2016. The museum was filled with many exhibits ranging from facts about the ocean, information about the sea and land life, data about the preserving the local habitats, along with information about the prehistorical and historical exhibits pertaining to the coast. The exhibits include object-based and interactive displays. One hands-on exhibit was present where guests were allowed to handle native aquatic sea creatures. Guests were even offered a scavenger hunt to complete while walking through the museum,…

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