Essay on The Museum Of Anthropology ( Moa )

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Witnessing has many different meaning associated with it. The definition that will be used in this essay is “the study of a group of people for the purpose of understanding their way of being, culture, and history.” The Museum of Anthropology (MOA) invites people to witness aboriginal culture so that they may learn about the indigenous way of life. While visiting MOA one may find themselves viewing exhibits that range from spiritual artifacts to drums played by tribes in Papa New Guinea. European settlers have affected the indigenous people in a very negative way, this too is displayed at the MOA. The Truth and Reconciliation’s (TRC) report delves into this topic as well. The TRC examines the effect that residential schools had on the aboriginal community, on their way of life. As readers we are invited by the TRC to witness the survivor’s stories as if they happened to us. With the hope that aboriginals and non-aboriginals can begin to reconcile the past and move to a prosperous future. The MOA and TRC took different routes in displaying aboriginal culture and the effects of the Europeans settlers. Together the TRC report and MOA allow us to witness effectively by introducing people to aboriginal culture, however they differ in what areas of culture they share, MOA shows more of the beauty of indigenous culture whereas TRC focuses on healing the indigenous population from the effects of the residential schools.
Attending MOA and reading the TRC allows us to successfully…

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