Essay on The Murder Out Of Love

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In March 2007, Eric McLean committed a murder out of love — in an effort to save his marriage. McLean shot and killed 18-year-old Sean Powell, who was having an affair with his wife. McLean claimed he accidentally killed the young boy when he was waiting in his car outside of McLean’s house so that he could see his former high school student teacher and married lover. McLean felt that Powell was stalking his wife, and when he refused to leave his property, McLean threatened him with a rifle by pointing it at him inside the car. Then, Powell grabbed the barrel of the gun and McLean accidentally shot him. McLean called 911 and admitted to killing Powell. Although prosecutors pinned McLean as a cold-blooded killer, his defense was strong. In 2008, McLean was convicted of reckless homicide with probation, and in 2009 he won a custody battle over his sons (Hartley).
People do insane things when it comes down to people they love .Aloysius Stated , “Love has nothing to do with somebody else, it is your state of being. Love is not a relationship. A relationship is possible but love is not confined to it, it is beyond it. It is more than that.”
Also Even when the person leaves its spouse for someone else , The other spouse would try to get revenge and that might lead to killing someone. Love can either hurt someone or it can break someone into pieces. Love is an intense feeling of a deep affection towards someone .Beani stated , “When someone you love hurts you, you have a…

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