The Murder Of Wrongful Conviction Essay

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There are many causes for wrongful conviction. Some are caused by honest mistakes. In these situations, the person who ended up being the cause held no malice towards the person who was wrongfully convicted. However, there are some instances where they purposefully did something to cause the conviction. Either they covered up something that could have proven the person’s innocence or they slandered them by telling everyone what they had supposedly done until everyone—the press, the community, the police—believed that they had actually done it. Sometimes, the people who do those things are the ones who are supposed to be trying to find the truth and bring justice to the victim, such as law enforcement officers and prosecutors. Throughout the course of the investigation and the trial, they may end up losing sight of what it is that they are supposed to fight for and instead focus solely on making an arrest or conviction. The search for justice in the system of law is a human endeavor, so there is always the possibility of negligence, corruption, and misconduct (Innocence Project, 2015).
There are several forms of prosecutorial misconduct, such as withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense, allowing witnesses that they know or should reasonably know are not trustworthy to take the stand, relying on fraudulent forensic experts, deliberately mishandling or destroying evidence that may prove the defendant’s innocence, and making misleading arguments which overstate the…

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