Essay about The Murder Of Trayvon Martin

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Here in this court of law today we will examine the defendant Mr. George Zimmerman and his involvement in the murder of Trayvon Martin. Mr. Zimmerman I do hope that your mental state is ok after surviving that traumatic encounter with Trayvon Martin; not just any man can shoot an unarmed fleeing teenager who looked mildly suspicious. It takes a man of valor, a true enforcer of lady justice, to hold the position of neighborhood watch in the twin lakes retreat gated community. Being a man of such prowess it makes sense that you would be able to disregard all norms and rules our society has in place and valiantly take the law into your own hand. I regard your “work” with true fondness you remind me of a vigilante in Britain back during the industrial revolution what was his name… Jack the ripper another fine fellow who took the law into his own hands to rid the streets of dangerous, unarmed, innocent women I can see where you get your inspiration from. I will now “summon the dead” and speak through the late Trayvon Martin in this court of law, Trayvon is it true that you were unarmed at the time? “Yes sir I had just come from the gas station and was on my way home to my family, I was only armed with a pack of skittles when Mr.Zimmerman began following me”. Interesting and Trayvon did you interact with Mr.Zimmerman at all before he decided to physically assault you and then shoot you? “No sir I was just walking and I noticed him following in his car behind me so I started…

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