The Murder Of The Clutter Family Essay

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“ On Wednesday, April 14, 1965 Kansas supreme court decided two lives must end between midnight and two in the morning”(54). Perry Smith and Dick Hickock managed the murder of the Clutter family. The two men responded differently to the arrest, jail time, and death sentences. Initially the arrest came as a shock to both men, neither had any idea to consider the possibility of the murder as the reason of arrest. On the fourth floor of the county courthouse lived Perry Smith. Over time Perry reveals himself as a character whose life revolves around childhood horror and brutality. Perry defines himself through his family abandoning him and nuns abusing him. Perry educates himself through reading and writing, besides the fact that he never passed the third grade. He keeps a journal with him in his cell. In the journal Perry confesses to killing the Clutters. He spends most of his days writing in the journal or reading books. Perry enlisted in the army at one point in his life. He accompanied a man named Don Cullivan. While in the courthouse jail, Don writes Perry. Don wants Perry to convert to Catholicism. He also writes to Perry about continuing their friendship. In attempts to continue their friendship Don visited Perry in jail. The visit from his old friend gave Perry value to his family. He longed for his father or sister to write him. Unfortunately Perry did not receive mail for a very long time. During this time, Perry began to starve himself and he wished to give up on…

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