The Murder Of The Boy Was Guilty Essay

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When they first took a vote if the boy was innocent or guilty 11 out the 12 men believed the boy was guilty. The 11 men truly believed he was guilty and thought juror #1 was crazy for thinking he was innocent. They voted 5 different times. The second time they voted it was 10 out of 12 men that still voted guilty the first one to change his vote was juror #9. The third vote after discussing and talking and reenacting the father walking down the hall and it taking long than the time mentioned jurors #2,5,6,11 changed their vote to guilty so that makes it 6 out the 6 men. On the forth vote jurors #7,1,and 12 changed their vote after that it was 4 men still thinking he was guilty and on the last vote after discussing the last with glasses situation all of them minus juror #3 were convinced he was innocent. Juror #3 was finally convinced because juror #8 mentions “He’s not your boy he’s somebody else’s” Slowly, but surely juror #8 convince the other jurors with valid reasoning.
At the beginning of the film most of the men minus one were non-critical thinkers. They were just assuming and without much evidence they were accusing the boy of being guilty. Good critical thinking means being open to other people’s opinions and listening to what they have say rather than just assuming they are wrong and not being open to what they have to say. All the evidence they had was questionable and not accurate. Therefore, juror #8 convinced by questioning every time the other jurors thought…

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