The Murder Of Rebecca Wright And The Shooting Of Claudia Brenner By Stephen Roy Carr

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The Whole Truth which is a based on the true story about the murder of Rebecca Wright and the shooting of Claudia Brenner by Stephen Roy Carr While the two women out on the Appalachian Tail in Pennsylvania. The Author of the book H. L. Pelham tells the story of what happened the day of the shooting and the whole legal process leading to Carr’s sentence of life in prison (Pohlman, 1999). Stephen Roy Carr’s defense attorney was Michael George, George wanted to use his client’s child hood from when he was raped and his time in jail where he was also raped. They also argued that Carr was also insane, but the courts through out that evidence. The main argument used by the defense was that Roy Carr was enraged by Claudia and Rebecca doing sexual acts in front of him so he felt that he need to kill them because of what happened to him as a child and in prison. I don’t feel that the defenses strategy was persuasive because Carr although not very smart he was still fit to stand trial (Pohlman, 1999). The District Attorney for the case was Roy Keefer, The DA needed to decide if there was enough evidence for a jury to convict him of aggravated first degree murder. After enough evidence was found they were going to ask for the death penalty. I feel that the DA did the right thing about going for the death penalty. They had found the weapon used in the shooting and Claudia’s testimony to charge him with death (Pohlman, 1999). I agreed with Dr. Allen’s assessment of Carr, that he was…

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