The Mumps Research Paper

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The Mumps Verus The People
You are in your nice warm comfortable bed trying to relax but you can’t because you are dealing with a high fever, you can’t eat anything that is given to you, and you look like a hamster, yes an actual hamster. It takes you weeks to recover and so you lay in your nice warm comfortable bed useless. The Mumps was a serious illness back in the 1960’s, it left thousands of victims useless for weeks. This illness lead to many cases of miscarriages, it also took manys people hearing however with the help of an amazing scientist there was a cure that helped save many of people worldwide. The Mumps vaccine was one of the most powerful and useful vaccinations during the 1960’s, because it helped save millions of lives.
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The mumps is an infection in the salivary glands they are extremely contagious and is commonly seen in children, the swelling of one or both salivary glands is the most clear symptom. (Mumps: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment by Mike Paddock). When the salivary glands get swelled up the person infected develop a “ hamster- like” face, in some cases the mumps can cause inflammation not only in the glands but in the pancreas or the meninges which can lead to serious damage and even death. (Mumps: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment by Mike Paddock). Having the mumps in the 1960’s was a big fear to many citizens as it was very contagious and painful as there was no cure for it yet, being infected by it meant that people were stuck in bed until they were clear. The virus passes from one person to another through saliva, close contact or by nasal sections( Health Line: Mumps). Some symptoms include fever, headache, muscle ache, loss of appetite and swollen salivary glands, the mumps symptoms usually appear in between 16-18 days after the virus has attack but can also be seen in 12-15 days ( Signs and Symptoms of Mumps by Due to the mumps many people got infected easily because they could have had close interactions with victims who were already affected, and the person already infected doesn't even …show more content…
The mumps are a highly contagious infection mostly seen in small children or young adults and during the 60’s the mumps were taking over everyone that got in their path. It wasn’t until March 30 of 1967 that there was finally a working cure, made by Maurice Hilleman and a group scientist, the very first working mumps vaccination was introduced to the people and to hospitals worldwide. After the mumps vaccine, HIlleman want to create another vaccine to help many more people and that new vaccine was named MMR. The MMR stands for Mumps, Measles and Rubella and just like it sounds it helps with not only the mumps but the two other diseases. The mumps vaccination is one of the most important vaccine ever created, made in the 1960’s and still used today, if Hilleman never made this we would all be looking like a human

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