Essay on The Multicultural Perspective Of America 's Education System

1934 Words Oct 17th, 2016 8 Pages
America’s Education system has transformed into a world in which cultural pluralism has taken over the classroom. Multicultural education is a broad term that encompasses: race, culture, gender, and social class. This perspective poses many challenges for current educators and draws upon previous ideologies. According to the Michigan Sociological Review, “The multicultural perspective represents an ideology involving justice, social fairness, and equality for all” (p. 52). While this generates a great debate within the education system, educators must take an active role in developing a positive attitude towards multicultural education. It is vital for students and teachers to create a strong interpersonal relationship that is reciprocated by both parties. Although, teachers are the lead educators within the classroom it is crucial that they interact with their students on a personal level. In doing so, students will begin to feel equal to their counterpart. Students have the ability to sense the uncertainty coming from a teacher and if this relationship lacks then the growth and development of the student may be hindered. Teachers need to develop a mindset that takes interest in their student’s achievements, and are willing to put differences aside and become open to trying new things. In doing so, teachers must be aware of the components that influence teacher’s perceptions of and actions toward students. With this, educators can reduce the subjectivity regarding…

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