The Mug: A Short Story

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"The Mug." He replies in a monotone. Is he concentrating or annoyed with me? Probably both. And even with the awful mood I 'm in, I can 't help feeling a tiny cheer go on in my mind when he answered with that. At least we 're going there.

He pulls into the parking lot and parks near the door. I sit in my seat, still buckled, while Blake gets out of the car. I lean my elbow on the door, and rest my head in my hand and close my eyes.

What is going on?! Camden screws me over, but maybe he doesn 't. Kasey claims she heard Camden tell Eli, but she might not have. Either way, I fail to see how this has nothing to do with me, and yet it 's spread around the school that I 'm a slut. Which is yet to do actually be determined.

The door opens, and
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Apart from your fabulous best friend getting back." Blake hair flips his hair (even though it 's short) and shrugs with a smile. I smile and laugh.

"I didn 't even notice any of the girls left." I smile and dodge a hit from Blake.

"Yeah yeah bitch, you 're hilarious. But seriously, anything good? How 's the not-your-boyfriend boyfriend?" Blake drops one arm off the table anything he leans back in his chair.

I sip my coffee and respond in an annoyed tone. "He 's fine. He asked me to the senior camping trip, even though it 's like a month away. I met Camden 's sister Lauren who is becoming an amazing friend. You 'd love her."

"Oh yeah, what was that Camden said about making out in the driveway? I thought that was our spot?!" Blake jokes and I blush about him mentioning the making out.

"It was a good 1st date. Now. Would you please explain the rumor to me" I shrug and smile, but turn serious in an attempt to change the subject from Sam.

Blake sighs. "I heard Camden was talking about the prank you pulled last night, and how you came back in this morning. He told Elijah and Elijah took it the wrong way and told someone who told someone who told Kasey. And after

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