Essay on The Mt St Michaels ( Msm ) Easter Liturgy

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In the Mt St Michaels (MSM) Easter Liturgy there were many of the five types of ritual (Refer to appendix? : Five types of Ritual) reflected however some types were more evident than others. The Rite of Communication or Devotion was clearly evident in the MSM liturgy as there was clear communication and devotion in the ritual, especially which highlighted the obligation of Christians to follow and be devoted to the examples set by Jesus. The rite of demarcation was also significantly evident in the ritual as it the Easter Liturgy was marking a specifically important part in time and the participants transitioned between two seasons from Lent to Easter. Finally, the Rites of Memorial was apparent in the liturgy as the participants were required to recall, remember and reflect on the death, resurrection and stories of Jesus.
The MSM Easter liturgy was formal as it followed a clear structure and purpose which was carried out in a formal manner with the inclusions of Gospel readings, prayer, reflection and liturgical movement and song. It was a non-sacramental ritual as no sacraments were performed; in particular, the Eucharist was not evident in the liturgy.
There are eight main elements of a ritual, all of which were apparent in the MSM Easter liturgy, including: place, time, participants, leader or expert, form, community, symbols and transforming power. One of the most significant components identified in the ritual was time, as the ritual was held on Holy Thursday…

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