The Movie ' We Can Remember It For You Wholesale ' Essay

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Dreams, are they fantasy or a longing for something once forgotten? For Douglas Q, his dreams seemed all too real to be anything more than a past life. The action packed movie Total Recall and the short story “We can Remember it for you Wholesale” have many similarities and differences throughout one another. The greatest differences being in the characters, settings, and plot. The short story introduces us to Doug Quail, Kirsten, Dr. McClane, and Interplan. Doug Quail, the main character, has dreams of going to Mars. The reality is that a trip cost too much for a small time clerk. He sees an add for Rekal on T.V. and decides to go. They can implant a memory and it will seem a real as if Doug took the trip. Once at Rekal Doug meets Dr. McClane, the owner of Rekal. Rekal tries to implant the vacation when they discover that Doug’s memories have been altered already. They try to get rid of Doug, but he soon realizes Rekal only refunded him half of his money, so he returns to them. After straitening everything out Doug Quail returns home. Interplan, the government that runs earth, is waiting for him as he returns home. They can hear every thought Doug has, making it impossible for him to outsmart them. The only way for Doug to live is to surrender. “We can Remember it for you Wholesale” was written in 1966 and twenty-four years later in 1990, an adaptation of it came out on film called Total Recall. Comparing the two it is easy to spot differences in the…

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