Essay on The Movie Up ( 2009 )

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In modern film, there are both visual and sound aspects that allow the audience to know the true meaning of a story. Two aspects equally important in a modern aged film. The award winning movie Up (2009) is brilliant at combining these two aspects. The film is about an old man’s adventurous journey to fulfill a promise by traveling through a floating house carried by hundreds of balloons. Today I am going to analyze a scene in the beginning of the film about Carl’s past. The instrumental composition Married Life featured in Disney Pixar’s Up successfully explains the narrative of Carl’s and Ellie’s love story. The music presents numerous functions of film music in one cue and has a clear-cut thematic transformation with the song to align with every shot.

A cue is anything spoken or taken action on stage, or in this case within the film. When a film tells a good story, it’s partly from the movie following the functions of a film music. There a several purposes for music in film. One function of film music is to show silence. There are moments in the film sequence that there will be no sound. The cue analyzed shows the film is well played by the rhythm, the organisation of musical sound as it occurs in time. The reason for silence in the case of Up is to show emphasis on the visual elements of the film. When Ellie gives Carl a scrapbook of their childhood memories, the couple gazes at each other and the whole scene is in silence. The audience could tell the scene is a…

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