The Movie ' True Grit ' Essay

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In the movie “True Grit,” an unrelenting fourteen year old girl named Mattie Ross, brings it upon herself to avenge her father’s death after the outlaw known as Tom Chaney murders him and flees the territory. The young farm girl quickly seeks out to hire the U.S. Marshal, Rooster Cogburn, who is just as familiar with whisky as he is with guns, to track down Chaney. Shortly after this quarreling duo set out on their man hunt, they are accompanied by a Texas Ranger named LaBoeuf. However, the Ranger happens to be chasing Tom Chaney for his own reasons. After days of bickering, LaBoeuf splits up with Mattie and Rooster to hunt down the outlaw in the hostile territory in which Chaney was hiding. Eventually, the trio come together to dispatch Chaney and his band of outlaws.
During this film, there are many sociological concepts implemented throughout the story. Five of which happen to be: feminism, stereotype, conformity, authority, and coalition. To start with, the sociological concept of feminism is featured early on in the film when Mattie Ross has to settle her father’s affairs. Her first order of business was to visit the stable owner to sell back the ponies her father bought before his death. After she greets herself and explains the means to her visit, the stable owner responds back to her condescendingly by saying this isn’t the business for a little girl. Even though, Mattie was told it wasn’t her business, she proceeded to negotiate with the stable owner and got a…

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