Essay about The Movie ' The Whale Rider '

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The Metanarrative
In the film the Whale Rider, the once complimentary narratives that governed the Maori culture: Gender, Identity, and Traditions are competing against one another. The fundamental elements of these narratives have stayed unchanged; However, some characters are interpreting these liturgies to their own personal narratives, causing conflict within the Maori Culture.
Synopsis of film
During a time of modernization, poverty, and the decentralization of the Maori’s culture, one local leader (Koro) looked upon “hope” in a form of a prophet. According to ancient myth, the oldest male descendant of Paikea is the tribe leader that will centralize the community again around sacred traditions. Porourangi is the successor of his generation and his future son would have been the prophet his dad Koro was looking for; however, there was a great tragedy. Porourangi 's son and wife died during the delivery process and the sole survivor was the female twin. Porurangi named his daughter Pai, a named meant for the male descendants of Paikea. Porourangi left New Zealand and left Pai to be raised by her grandparents who wrapped Pai in their culture and traditions. Twelve years have passed and Koro was ready to begin the search for a new chief: the first-born male that was born the same year as Pai. This eliminates Pai from being a candidate, yet despite this she ignores the gender roles of her culture and enlist the help of her grandmother and her uncle Rawiri to claim her…

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