The Movie ' The Village ' Essay

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Wilhelm likens her village to the My Lai massacre in order to essentially bring the war back home to America by comparing what happened to the Vietnamese citizens in real life to that of the American civilians in the village. “The Village”, being written in 1969, is during the Vietnam War in which American citizens are protesting against being involved with a war related to Vietnamese independence. For example, Wilhelm uses Mildred Carry as a writing strategy to show that Americans soldiers are attacking Americans, but she can’t understand them. Mildred Carey says that “GI’s approached her, still pointing their guns at her. One of them said something, but she couldn’t understand his words” (Wilhelm 66). At this instance, the American soldiers had taken over the whole village, slaughtering everyone in their path and had come upon poor Mildred. She tries to reason and question with them, yet she can’t understand their gibberish. Wilhelm uses this quote to make readers question what is actually happening in foreign wars. Why can’t she understand her own soldiers? The answer is that Wilhelm does this to depict Vietnamese citizens under the attack of Americans with whom they can’t understand what is going on and why the Americans are attacking them for no reason. “It comes down to gut instinct. A true war story, if truly told, will make the stomach believe” (O’Brien 74). This quote is relatable to any war story, including “The Village”, because war stories are supposed to make…

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