The Movie, The Proposal, By Margret Tate, One Of New York 's Top Shot Book Editor

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“It is not the most lovable individuals who stand more in need of love writes Ashley Montagu but the most unlovable.”Most people, however, would not share Montagu’s opinion. The movie tells a story of, Margret Tate, one of New York’s top shot book editor’s weekend trip to Alaska. In the movie, The proposal, Margaret Tate learns to love.
Right from the start Margaret is depicted as a very successful chef editor at New York book publisher. But aside from her career, Margret appears to be a person incapable of neither receiving nor giving love. She was single with no friends or family that she shares any kind of relationship with her. We can also see that see that she is deprived of social life outside of work and does not have any friendship with any of her co workers. She was very lonely and miserable and has nothing she cares about other than her career. In the beginning of the movie Margret walks into one of the editor’s office with her assistant. Without any greetings she continues, “I’m letting you go Bob, You’re fired”. This comment she made shows us how cold blooded she is and that she also made zero effort to empathize or show care for the feelings of the person who she just snatched the job away from. Soon, Margret finds out that she was about to be deported from United States. This meant she was about to lose the only thing that mattered in her life, her job. Out of desperation, Margret blackmails her assistant, Andrew Paxton, to marry her so that she could gain her…

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