The Movie ' The One With The Blackout ' Essay

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The term “friend zone” was first used by the beloved American sitcom Friends in 1994, during the episode “The One with the Blackout”. It was used by Joey to describe Ross and his feelings for Rachel, who didn’t return the affection at that point (“Friends Invented”). Since that episode aired, the friend zone has become a popular idea in movies, television, and books alike. A television show on MTV was created a reality show called FriendZone based off its idea. Released in 2005 was a movie called Just Friends, where the female leading role ruined any hopes the male lead had of developing a relationship when she put him in the friend zone. Outside of entertainment, teenagers and young adults have developed the term into a horrifying purgatory you can’t escape. It’s a place where, even if you were nice and caring to her and did everything else right, you have feelings for a girl but she wants to just be friends. The term is more overused now than when it first came out, but the problem isn’t with that. The friend zone shouldn’t even exist; the problems it causes leads to difficulties for everyone involved. Although the friend zone has developed a bad reputation, we can change it by altering our perception or eliminating its use altogether. How can a harmless saying of “friend zone” create any real problems? Well, men who can’t quite accept that the woman they want won’t have sex with them start the problems. Men have a large ego, larger than woman, and that’s no secret; but…

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