The Movie ' The Lazy Bear ' Essay examples

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The Lazy Bear

On a day like the others, I went outside to look for some food at the store. On my way back home, I found a magical door in the middle of the street, but this door wasn 't an ordinary door, it was neon green and had lights above. I had nothing to do. Therefore, I decided to inspect what was going on with the door. The moment I opened it, the door started to drag me into it. After a while, I opened my eyes and I was in a magical place where nothing seemed to be familiar. The walls were purple with pink; like chewed gum. There was a long crowd of unknown people that were looking at me; but they didn 't have a human shape, their bodies were all colorful and fluffy. I was surprised and wondered what this world was. After a while, I found a shiny television inside a hole with familiar voices coming out of it. I followed the voices inside the hole. At the end of the hole there was a button that said ' 'random scary moment. ' ' I didn 't mind pushing the button. When I pressed it down, A hologram appeared, and a chair raised from the floor. I sat down and prepared to watch what it had to show me.
I couldn 't understand why I was there, but all that I knew was that I wanted to see what this scary moment was. The light brought me to the past; I was seven years old and I wasn 't home, I was twenty-five hours away from my house; I was on a trip with my family in the North of Colombia, a place called Cartagena. The atmosphere was like
Saavedra 2 the Caribbean, people…

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