The Movie The Help By Tate Taylor Essay

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The movie The Help was directed by Tate Taylor. Tate Taylor 's main purpose of making the film was to show the life of black women and overall race inequality during the 1960 's.The story of the movie sets during the 1960 's when slavery had disappeared but inequality continued throughout the country, but the location of this movie sets place in Jackson, Mississippi during the Civil Rights era. The Help is about a white girl named Skeeter who went through college to become a writer, unlike many white girls who would go to college just to get married. To become a writer, Skeeter had to find something to write about, and her heart went out towards the black maids that were working for white families. Even though she struggles to find volunteers for her book she finds two voluntary maids, Abileene and Minny. Throughout the story Skeeter realizes that privileges that she has as a white person depend on black people not having them.
During the 1960 's, in Jackson, Mississippi, there wasn’t a slavery going on ,yet inequality kept on being spread and kept among the states. Black people werent able to get which ever job they wanted and they couldn’t demand minimum wage. If they demanded minimum wage they would either get fired or get beat. According to the narrative Frederick Douglass wrote called "What to the Slave, is the Fourth of July?", he talks about how hard it is for him to forget the slave beatings. In his article Douglass talks about how black kids werent allowed to go to…

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