Essay on The Movie ' The Film '

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The film is a tale of a woman driven to madness and murder as a result of a false and misleading report by news magazine – the News. Katharina Blum attended a party at the home of her friend, and met Ludwig Gotten, who has been under police surveillance for robbery. After dancing with him, she takes him to her apartment where they spend the night and helps him escape out of the building by showing him and escape route. The next morning, the police question her regarding Ludwig 's whereabouts and whether she was involved in any criminal activities on his behalf. As she leaves with the police, several pictures of her are taken by a photographer from News. Totges, a report from News, then publishes a report accusing her of being a communist. He interviews her close associates including her former husband and her ailing mother. Their comments were twisted and published against her. Katharina angered by her mother 's death, the interviews, her labeling as a communist, sexual remark, and total lie, she decides to revenge on Totges. The narrator clearly examines the use and misuse of a medium towards an individual or group of people and how it can result in violence The central theme of the story lies in the criticism of the practices of journalists. Totges covers current events for the News. He characterizes Katharina as an immoral woman with political favors. He accuses her of associating herself with criminal activities of Gotten-a man with whom she had the romantic…

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