The Movie ' The Film ' Shower ' Essay

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The film Shower (1999) directed by Zhang Yang is a light-hearted comedy that depicts the value of family, friendship, and tradition. The film has themes of parental love, devotion, disabilities and also the impact of rapid modernization on people 's lives. These key points represent a theme of modernization versus tradition and culture, including the dynamic of family ties and what brings them together. Plus, how these traditions of Chinese culture relate to the symbolic uses of the film and cultural standards of disabilities. As Shower opens with techno music pumping and a bizarre scene set in the super-modern city, Shenzhen: Da Ming (Pu Cun Xia) stands in front of a stall and inserts some coins, whereupon his height and weight are calculated by a computer. He enters the stall and removes his business suit: soon we see that he’s in a shower, where he rotates as he is rubbed down with whirling brushes, soaped up, sprayed by jets, and blown dry by fans. The whole contraption seems ridiculous but a likely coming innovation in a world intent on becoming more efficient, and in effect, more reliant on machines. The human shower is a replica of the car wash, which we see later in the film, to emphasize the juxtaposition, suggesting that workers see themselves as “vehicles,” ever on the move in a competitive city where time is money. This theme, the underlying tension of old versus new, tradition versus modernity, values versus money to be perhaps the most moving part of the…

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