The Movie ' The Fault Of Our Stars ' Essay

832 Words Oct 13th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout the film The Fault in Our Stars, I was basically bombarded by negativity. In all honesty however, I prefer to focus on the negative aura the work exudes. It provides a much welcomed distraction from the half-baked aspects of “love” and “hope” the film attempts to portray. What intrigued me about the film did not hit me until I was walking back to my residence hall. It was an abrupt realization as well. It felt akin to the ginger caress of a backhand delivered by a close acquaintance. The message was so simple, yet that simplicity is what made it impossible to see. I fondly recall a small grin overtaking my face and shaking my head in amusement as I continued along my solitary path under the darkened sky. The movie agreed with me. Life is meaningless. Perhaps it would be best for me to revise my previous comment. Life is meaningless, but the word “life” is an inadequate term for the scope one must observe the universe through to truly see reality. A better way of phrasing my point would be to say that existence is meaningless. Before I explain my reasoning, I would like to take a moment to say that this is most certainly not the true meaning of The Fault in Our Stars. I just refuse to accept the quite stereotypical message of “love conquers all” or “death has no effect on love” or something else of much the same ilk. I much rather prefer to play the devil’s advocate and rip the before-mentioned ideas asunder. By using realistic ideals instead of fantasy…

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