The Movie ' The Dog Stars ' By Peter Heller Essay

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Imagining aiming down the sights of a weapon and seeing your neighbor that you used to consider your friend in the sights. No, you do not want to do this but this is what you must do for survival in an apocalyptic scenario. This is an example of what a world deprived of morality would look like. Humans would never survive in an apocalyptic environment if they were forced to turn against each other at every waking moment. No matter what, there will always be a portion of society that will hold on to past Morals taught to them. In “The Apocalypse Market is Booming,” Steve Almond describes how people find apocalypse literature interesting because of the intense violence of humans having to fight each other and morality being completely removed from society. He says, “They allow us to safely fantasize about what might be required of us to survive” (Arnold). The Dog Stars By Peter Heller is a complete contradiction to what Arnold believes in. There is a theme of friendship and camaraderie throughout this book that keeps the characters life and sanity in balance. The protagonist, Hig is a prime example of how you can live in a tough environment like this without having to shoot everything with two legs. Ethics will forever be alive in society no matter what kind of global conflict is brought to the human race. Higs personality is a prime example of what gives humanity a chance for survival. His traits and skills make him secretly the perfect survival weapon. Finally, people will…

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