Essay about The Movie ' The Babies '

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The BABIES movie wasn’t at all what I thought I’d be. I was under the impression that there would be a narrator that would guide my train of thought and my perspective of these childrearing cultures. But, to my surprise, a word was never said throughout the whole film. I believe the director wanted the film to be translated through the thoughts of its audience to promote an individualized thought. My individualized thought as to why the director choose to focus on certain culture is because there is so much separation in our world and so many views of how parenting should be done, as if there were one single correct way to raise a human being. The director included African, Mongolian, Japanese, and American childrearing cultures to display the vast differences in parenting cultures. The film captures various stages on infants lives in these four cultures and their surrounding environment. The film displays the reality of motherhood and various childrearing practices. The underlying message and the focus of this film is to capture the idea that regardless if you breastfeed in public like the African or swaddle your baby like the Mongolian, if love and care is present in the child’s life, they will thrive.
There seems to be a commonality that connects all the mothers in the film together, there were various shared scenes in all four of the countries. The themes of the importance of stimulation and social support can be captured in Africa, Mongolia, Japan, and the United…

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