The Movie ' The Asylum ' And ' Mon Guys It Will Be Too Much Fun

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Nightmare in the Asylum “C’mon guys it will be so much fun. How many times have you been able to say that you’ve been inside an abandoned insane asylum?” Chase said. It was the night before Halloween and all was at ease, but little did the teens know what was in store for them in the hours to come. “You’ve heard the rumors about that place. There’s no way I’m stepping foot into that asylum,” Rebecca stated. “What rumor are you talking about?” questioned Logan as he walked into the room with his long-time girlfriend Emma. Emma and Logan were known as the loyalist couple in school, even though their personalities were polar opposites. Some may describe Emma as young, naïve, easy-going, or kind-hearted. Logan on the other hand was very over-protective and difficult at times, but he could never be mad at his girlfriend. “Babe, I’ve told you this a million times,” Emma said jokingly. “It’s been rumored that on every Hallow’s Eve, someone enters the asylum and a man dressed in a black lab coat sends the deceased patients upon the teens. And they never come out again." The room grew tense, and quiet. “Whatever I don 't believe it anyway. That place has been shut down for the past fifty years. I say we go and prove everyone wrong. Who’s in?", said Logan. Chase was the first of the three to decide, “I guess I 'm in, we have nothing better to do anyway.” Emma agreed as long as Logan never left her side. Once the plans had been made Logan noticed that Rebecca had not spoken…

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