The Movie Sweet Home Alabama Essay

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I decided to watch and analyze the movie Sweet Home Alabama. The movie is focused on the life of one particular character, Melanie Carmichael (actually Melanie Smooter). Melanie grew up in a small town in Alabama; her family was like many of the other families there: country and part of the working, middle to lower class. She married a man when she was younger, but after they split, she moved to New York where she made a new life for herself and met her now fiancé, Andrew. The major conflict in the plot is that Jake, Melanie’s ex, never signed their divorce papers, making them still married. Overall, the story explains how she wanted a better life than she had back in Alabama; so she pretended to come from a wealthy background, built her own fashion line, made a name for herself, got engaged to a very wealthy and famous man. However, all of that falls apart when she comes back home to Alabama. The major issues of this movie are social stratification and social mobility. Social stratification is the system by which society characterizes and ranks people into strata, statuses, or classes based on their wealth, power, and prestige; people are also usually ranked in a hierarchical order. Also, social mobility is the movement of an individual or group of people in social class. This is often associated with the movement going “up” in the stratification system; for example, if a person was born into the working, middle-lower class but eventually made their way by various…

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