The Movie Stand And Deliver Essay

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The movie Stand and Deliver is based on a true story (Menéndez, 1998). The story takes place in east Los Angeles on a high school that is known for its low scores (Menéndez, 1998). The story revolves around Mr. Escanlante, who is trying to teach a computer class but instead gets stuck teaching math (Menéndez, 1998). After this happens, he makes it his goal to teach the students calculus so they can pass the AP exam and receive credit for college (Menéndez, 1998). These students do not know much about simple math, so this becomes a hard task for a teacher. In the movie, Mr. Escalante uses several teaching strategies to approach the students in a way they will be interested and will actually learn. He uses lecture, drama or role playing, and discussions as his teaching strategies. Through the movie, the audience can notice that most of his way of teaching is through lecture. He knows that the students are not interested in the topic so he approaches them in a way they feel like they are talking to another student. He uses examples of their own lives to maintain the focus of the students. He is also very organized and gives the students quizzes every week so the students can remember what they previously learned. He uses this method a little more strictly during the summer. As the Intro to Teaching book states, “lecture makes it possible for teacher to present information in the least amount of time” (Quinn, Hall, & Gollnick 2014, p. 390). He wanted to teach two different…

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