The Movie ' Slum Dogs ' Essay

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Slum dogs The first concept from the book that I am going to link to this video is the term ‘socialization’. In the book, this means, the process by which people learn the characteristics of their group-the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, norms, and actions though appropriate for them (Henslin 67). I chose this concept for multiple reasons. One reason I chose this concept is because in the city Dharavi they are over populated with 1,000,000 people in a square mile. This means that they all have to adapt to this lifestyle, which means working together as a society. The people in this city came to know as a group what they had to do to work with each other. They all developed positive attitudes, similar values, similar skills, and similar norms. To be socialized in Dharavi is essential. There is too many people in that city to disconnect or disassociate with each other. In the video they interviewed a few people from the country and it looked as if they all had a positive attitude in being from the slums. Since they were in terrible living conditions they were so motivated to change that. That also relates to the values everyone in that city should have. As in every society, not everyone is one the same page in Dharavi. Even though this video showed the faith that the people in Dharavi had, it didn’t show the people that are outcasts in the society. Since the town is so over populated a lot of unjust things are more likely to happen in this city. Like kidnapping or rape…

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