The Movie Sleep Dealer, By Alex Vera Essay

1353 Words Dec 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Immigration debates and racial tension has always been a problem in America. It’s depressing to see that these issues are still part of our culture. The Movie Sleep Dealer, is an unusually thoughtful science fiction film about immigration and drone warfare. The filmmaker Alex Vera, envisioned a future in which wars were fought via drone, the water supply was privatized by corporations and young workers at the Mexican border would no longer cross into the U.S for jobs. Borders are aggressive and the attacks on immigrants around the world only seem to escalate, affecting many powerless people who live on the weaker side of the border. In the movie it shows how technology has opened up new forms of connectivity between different countries and is connecting people who are put apart by borders. Since the American border has been walled off, Tijuana, in Sleep Dealer, has become a magnet for migrant workers whose labor, by means of those nodes, can be exported north while bodies stay in Mexico. The movie basically provides insight into the relationship between the American and Mexican border in the near future. It shows that how the villagers were restrained from getting water to fulfill their basic needs, as the water is dammed by a corporation for use elsewhere. Memo and his father had to go to the nearby dam built and owned by the private corporation. While buying water, they were monitored by security cameras armed with machine guns. The poor villagers had to bear the burden…

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