The Movie ' Princess Mononoke ' Essay

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Princess Mononoke was an anime film produced in 1997 by Hayao Miyazaki. The movie is set in the late Muromachi Period around 1336 to 1573 in Japan. In modern day, there are many issues over nature and how humans affect it. In Princess Mononoke, these issues have turned into recurrent themes such as humanity, nature, and the effect of humans on nature. These themes are evident throughout characters and images presented in the movie.

In this film all of the characters are very complex, like humans, and show the interplay between good and evil as we see in everyday human life. They allow the viewers to relate and understand the characters because each character has a level of humanity to them. Princess Mononoke is a complex character because she is a part of nature and also human. Throughout the story, she shows her positive goal of saving the forest from the humans. She says “All these years, you 've defended the Forest Spirit!”, but in her mind that means killing all of the humans that have a bad effect on the forest, such as Lady Eboshi. The Princess says, “That woman is evil, and there 's no one who can stop me from killing her.” However,Princess Mononoke has evil flaws as does Lady Eboshi. Lady Eboshi is very compassionate and understanding. She turns societal outcasts into meaningful contributors in Irontown. “She 's also a very strong female who understands the injustice of the women 's positions in society”( “While she 's definitely the…

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