The Movie ' Parenthood ' Essay

757 Words Oct 7th, 2015 4 Pages
Parenthood was a very rewarding movie to watch. This movie shows lots of different viewpoints of a family. Every family goes through their own set of problems and conflicts and this movie definitely shows that. I grew up in a family of people that truly loved each other. My family definitely had problems though. My sister and I fought constantly when we were younger. My parents would get very angry with us because we would ruin family dinners and family gatherings because of our constant arguing. Eventually my sister and I grew out of arguing all the time, but we still do argue sometimes. When we do fight they are normally pretty serious because we are both very stubborn people, so we won’t talk for weeks. In the end I will always love my sister and nothing could change that. We are family, and you don’t give up on family no matter the circumstances. This movie showed multiple different parenting styles also. The single mother and her daughter often would fight. The daughter believed she could be independent. I’ve gone through this exact situation before. My mother and I got into an altercation and I left. I walked out of the house and got picked up by a friend. My mother was crying and very upset. She called me and told me to come home and I felt bad so I did. I walked in the house and we talked about everything that had happened, and we got everything worked out. My mother and I often butt-heads because we are so alike. She was just like me when she was younger and she…

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