Essay on The Movie ' Parenthood '

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Family is Forever Sometimes you can get a concept out of a movie that actually relates to you. I found some concepts in the movie “Parenthood” that relates to my family and I. First off, when I was growing up, I remember saying I was never going to grow up and teach my kids the way my parents did. I was the one that wouldn’t cause trouble, but I was also the one that didn’t want to do anything but play outside with the neighbor kids. I can almost guarantee you now that I will do some of the things my parents did in the ways they taught us growing up. It has taught my parents and also me after talking to them about it, that you don’t have to be perfect to make your kids act appropriately in the right settings. If you show affection towards your children, you will have a better chance of them growing up and respecting others, especially, the ones that taught them the most. In the movie Gil fears that he will be a bad parent like his father was, and as a result, he feels his children will act poorly because of it. This is not always the case, though, if you love your kids and are involved with them, they should act they way you have taught them to act. I know growing up a big thing in my house was manners. My mom was always preaching about manners and how you need to use them wherever you are. Also she would always tell us that we need to use manners when speaking to our elders because they grew up and lived a longer life than us so, therefore, they know more than us. Gil’s…

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