Essay on The Movie ' Noah '

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The film, Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky, written by Ari Handel was released recently in March 2014 and is based on the biblical event of Noah’s ark. Several historical books contain the story of Noah and early civilizations have flood stories recorded at around the same time period. It is hard to pin down what actually happened in the flood account because it happened in a very early time period and there are several different versions of the story. The film portrays the story of Noah in a very cinematic, intense, climatic way. The goal of the director was to make money based off of a popular biblical story, not to illustrate the event in a historically accurate way. After viewing the movie and doing research on the story of Noah, one can navigate what happened in real history in comparison to what happened in the film.
Early civilizations have tangible records or oral stories that tell of a flood story and some even tell of the story of Noah. The most common example would be the Bible and the Torah, which tell of the exact same story. The Quran, another religious book tells of a similar story to that of the bible with some slight differences. A few of the differences include: the people that were allowed on the ark other than just Noah’s family, that Noah had another disobedient son and that Noah was a messenger on the Lord. One of the biggest differences is that the flood is described as a local or regional flood rather than a global flood. Many of these flood…

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