The Movie ' Minority ' Essay

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This concept does not only apply to the discovery of one’s own future. Sometimes, learning the fate of a loved one can force individuals to attempt to change it, often bringing forth a fate of their own. In the film Minority Report, Agatha compares her relationship to her mother, Anne Lively, to the Anderton’s relationship directly before Pre-crime busts into Lara, John’s ex-wife’s, house to arrest John. It was decided by Pre-Crime that none of the Neuroin babies would be returned, especially not Agatha. Anne is unable to accept this, so Lamar decides to take her out of the equation. “She just wanted her little girl back… The drowning woman. Anne… But it was too late. Her little girl was already gone,” (Spielberg). The tone of this excerpt is calm and solemn, showing that, because Agatha has come to understand that fate is unchangeable, she can talk about it without being flustered or distressed, despite her personal connection. Acknowledging that the diction of “drowning” brings forth an image of struggle shows how Anne was drowning, trying to implement change on her little girl’s future, but she could not expect to succeed and change it, just as when one is drowning they cannot expect to survive if they are unable to swim. Agatha was destined to remain a part of Pre-crime, which Anne had knowledge of. Changing her daughter’s fate only brought her to meet her own demise by being killed by Lamar. When Agatha says, “it was too late”, it mandates the consideration that at some…

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