The Movie ' Lone Star ' By John Sayles Essay

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The film, “Lone Star”, by John Sayles was film that shows one an understanding of Texas culture and politics. The film displays how Texas culture, political culture, county government, and ethnic and racial demographics changed over the years since it was established. By analyzing these aspects of the film it will provide a better understanding on why these changes occurred and gives clear view on the culture present in the state of Texas.
In the film it is prevalent that it is shedding light on the law enforcement and government of Texas. It portrays them as a very powerful and influential force, but this is not a good thing in the eyes of the citizens in which they view them from a negative standpoint. The portrayal of this stands true in the political subculture of Texas. Texas has an individualistic subculture and one of the traits of it is that the bureaucracy is view negatively because it adopts patronage which often leads to corruption within. As depicted from the film many of the citizens know the corrupt ways of Sheriff Charlie Wade, yet none of them would actually put forth some action to stop him so he could get away from anything (even murder). They would just tolerate it due to fear and how powerful Sheriff Charlie Wade was in the town. That is another trait of the individual subculture. Corruption is tolerated because politics in Texas is “dirty”. An example of this can be found in a scene from the film when Sheriff Charlie Wade is at a restaurant and he lifts…

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