The Movie Inside Out Directed By Pete Docter

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The movie Inside Out is an animated comedy/adventure, directed by Pete Docter, is set inside the mind of a little girl named Riley, who isn’t happy about her parent’s decision to move them from Minnesota to San Francisco. Riley has five major emotions playing in this movie; Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger. These are the characters in charge of the master “control room” (the brain). This is a great movie, not just for kids but for adults as well because it sheds a new light on our emotions and teaches it’s okay to be sad.
The emotions take turns being the controller or dominant emotion, they heat what is happening in Riley’s world and react emotionally accordingly. The movie’s main purpose is that all emotions are good to have and that it is okay to have feelings whether they are good or bad.
The character Joy tends to always be the dominate emotion because she believes that being happy is the most important emotion, basically her thought process is everyone should be happy all the time and it’s her mission to make sure Riley is never unhappy. Unfortunately for Joy she isn’t the only main dominant emotion,
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The memories are transported from one mental location to another, then they are classified and stored as a short-term memory or long-term memory or thrown into what is basically a brain’s trash bin. The plot of the Inside Out is that a few of Riley’s core memories are knocked out of their places and gets vacuumed up with Joy and Sadness; who have to find their way make to headquarters by traveling through a wider world of Riley 's emotional core. Then the movie becomes a is a battle to stop her core memories from being forgotten. And while Joy and Sadness are trying to make it back, Fear, Anger and Disgust are in charge of Riley’s day to day

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