The Movie I Had Watched The Film Selma And My Opinion It Was A Great Movie

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Sociology Assignment 2 Recently I had watched the movie Selma and in my opinion it was a great movie. It was in a time in American history where blacks and whites were not equal, and people like Martin Luther King Jr were stepping up to change that. We have all heard of Martin Luther King so the sociological issue of this movie is not hard to guess. This movie has sociology written all over it. It shows how blacks and whites interacted with each other in 1965 and it was not good. Whites hated blacks and were killing them, and this was a time of violence and racism. There was something about the way the film was made, and something within its themes, which made me realize some things have not progressed since the 1960s. I think people today of all ages, including young people, believe that the Civil Rights Movement was won and that it is done. I think we need to understand that this push for justice and equality and is still very much needed now. We can see through the news that racism is still very much alive as it was before. In this movie it tells the story of how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr continuously fought to make sure African Americans were given the right to vote. It shows that even with peaceful protesting, they still received death threats, and received abuse from cops. Abuse like use of tear gas, and beaten with whips and batons(sounds like things we hear on the news today huh?). In this past year we have seen the killings of black, young boys like Tamir Rice,…

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